A New Perspective Book
A new perspective book that goes beyond mere depth perspective; indispensible for anyone working in three-dimensional form, whether Motion Picture, Photography, Video Game Design or Painting. perspective drawing
perspective art
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  What Perspective Really Means In Art  
  The Ingredients of Perspective  
  What A Vanishing Point Really Is  
  One Point Perspective  
  Two Point Perspective  
  What Linear Perspective Means  
  3D and Depth Perception
  3D Drawing, 3D Graphics or Photos  
  Photographing Or Drawing 3D  
  Light and Dark and "Artistic Depth Cues"  
perspective drawing  

Perspective Drawing: Goal

The goal of this perspective drawing tutorial is to dig deeper than what is taught in every other perspective drawing text. It is astounding to realize how much about perspective drawing is outright misunderstood or missing from the subject.

perspective drawing

perspective drawing

A New Perspective, Universal Edition: A New Understanding of Perspective for All Visual Art Forms Including: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Motion Picture and Video Game DesignPerspective Drawing in Art: Learn More

By building the subject up from scratch through twenty years of research, this book holds breakthroughs which redefine what perspective is and how it works. Read:

A New Perspective - Universal Edition

A New Understanding of Perspective
for All Visual Art Forms Including:
Drawing, Painting, Photography, Motion Picture,
3D Graphics and Video Game Design



Defining Perspective Drawing

If you are learning how to draw perspective then you are learning how to represent 3D images on a 2D picture plane. You may have to develop certain skills before you are able to draw using perspective. You can discover how to draw and paint perspective by following one of the many useful online tutorials, leading up to having your work printed by a graphic design agency birmingham. However, artists who can successfully create good perspective artwork will have to call upon numerous technical skills. Let's take a moment to chat about the different types of drawing in the perspective.


Why Practice Perspective Art?

The famous artists utilised perspective art to introduce reality into their artwork. Explore the website of any quality giclee printing service and note that many of their art prints capture the perspective. Perspective art is used in all manner of ways. Technical illusions are incorporated within comic books, architectural drawings and product designs. Interior designers often use their perceptive skills to illustrate their unique design ideas.

The Different Kinds of Perspective Artwork

When drawing in the perspective you are in effect making use of your observations. You will watch the subject closely and observe how that target or object becomes smaller as it vanishes into the distance. In this article we can only cover the basics of drawing in the perspective. But listing the different types of perspective art may be helpful.

Types of Linear Perspective Drawing -- One point perspective, two point perspective, three point perspective, four point perspective, five point perspective, zero point perspective, six point perspective.

Linear Perspective Drawing Attributes -- Orthogonal, vanishing point and horizon line.

Famous Perspective Art

Some of the Italian Renaissance artists were known as the best perspective artistes. Masaccio was indeed one of the most influential perspective artists of his time. When you have time take a look at the working drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper". Da Vinci was thought to be the first artist to utilise the one point perspective and that particular one-point perspective drawing is a masterpiece in itself.

Perspective Art in the Modern World

If you look at images of perspective drawing used in interior design you will understand the importance of perspective. Interior design perspective drawing techniques enable designers to bring realism into their drawings. A two dimensional floor plan may prove difficult to visualise whereas a three dimensional image on a two dimensional picture plane can easily be visualised. Some of us may be able to grasp the very basics of drawing in the perspective but modern architects often sketch buildings in perspective. In one way or another perspective has helped to create the modern world.

Do People Teach Perspective Drawing?

Many colleges and art classes teach art. Drawing lessons are popular and art is viewed as a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. If you would like to try to learn more about drawing in the perspective then you could always consider ordering a print from an online giclee printing service. Study the print from all angles and try to draw it so that the image comes to life.


perspective drawing  
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